Platgo Ltda.

Company headquarters is located in Colombia. Colombian Company for Costume Design of fine jewlery, only with precious metals, no contain copper, zinc or others similary... MedellinAntioquia(Zip/Postal:0000) Colombia,
Cra 72 C1-15MedellinAntioquia(Zip/Postal:0000). Handmade certificate, gemstones cetificated and precious alloy with chemical certificated by AAS (atomic absorption). Company specialized in Apparel, Party Costumes. Products line in High Purity Silver 950-980, High Purity Gold (18-23 K), High Purity Palladium, Platinum, Iridium, Osmium and...

MedellinAntioquia(Zip/Postal:0000) Colombia, Cra 72 C1-15MedellinAntioquia(Zip/Postal:0000)
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